Cooling towels

Recently while walking around TK-Maxx looking at the various sports paraphernalia, I came across a few towels which were called cooling towels. These are supposed to cool you down while you exercise, wicking away moisture from the body and using evaporation to dissipate heat faster than what the body is capable of doing. Hence I decided to do a littleĀ research on this over the internet. And I decided to buy two different versions of cooling towels to try and to compare. Both bought from Continue reading Cooling towels

Pokemon Collection in Poke Bank

Previously I had posted about the Poke Bank where most of our Pokemon are stored. They are kept in boxes according to their position on the Pokedex. But I have also collected the variants of the Pokemon, the extra Legendary Pokemon and the Shiny Pokemon in their own boxes as well. Here I am posting the Pokemon we have collected thus far – to be updated as the Legendary Event Pokemon are added to the collection. Continue reading Pokemon Collection in Poke Bank

Pokemon – Vivillon variants

So far in the Pokedex, there are 802 different Pokemon (although 1 is still yet to be made available – Marshadow which is no. 802 on the Pokedex). But there are some Pokemon which have different appearances depending on its gender, or actual different variants. One of the more interesting Pokemon with 20 different variants to collect, is Vivillon which is a butterfly-like Pokemon. Continue reading Pokemon – Vivillon variants

Pokemon Bank

I am sure there are many people who like to collect things, be it music, books, games, camera lenses. I am one such person, as I have collected many DVDs/Blu-rays, books, camera lenses in my time. Now the world of Pokemon is about completing certain missions, but also about finding and collecting different Pokemon during the journey. Hence about over 3 weeks ago, I had finally took the plunge and subscribed to the Pokemon Bank. This would allow my daughters and I to store the Pokemon that we have caught while playing the various Pokemon games – Diamond, Black, X, Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby (which I had bought for my daughter so she had something to look forward to after she completes all her GCSE exams) and Moon. Continue reading Pokemon Bank