Pokemon Go: Special Items + Gen. 2 progress

Now when the generation 2 Pokemon came out and there was the release of the Special Items, I had noted that I received the King’s Rock which evolves Poliwhirl to Politoed and Slowpoke to Slowking. Naturally I thought that this may be a phenomenon which would be repeated, and hence I waited until the second week to see if I manage to get another special item. Continue reading Pokemon Go: Special Items + Gen. 2 progress

Valentine’s Day Meal

As this Valentine’s day fell on a Tuesday (my normal day to cook) and is during school half-term, I was able to put in some extra time and effort to prepare the meal, just to make it extra special for my wife. I decided that I would prepare 5 dishes for the meal. Continue reading Valentine’s Day Meal

Salted Egg Yolk Cookies (with a twist)

I have always been fond of cookies since a very young age. I often reminisce about the cookie that my grandmother’s friend had made and given to her, which she had saved just for me; as you can tell, it was an experience that I will never forget. It was the nicest, loveliest cookie I had ever tasted – and is the yard stick by which other cookies are measured against. None have ever quite lived up to that standard or taste, although the French Galettes came close. But recently one of wife’s colleagues baked and gave us some cookies for Chinese New Year which brought back memories of that cookie I had eaten so many years ago. I knew we had to get that recipe. Continue reading Salted Egg Yolk Cookies (with a twist)