mydlink Home and Harmony Skills for Alexa

It has been a long time coming for the release of the skills for use of the D-Link Smart plugs and Logitech Harmony Hub with the Amazon Echo/Echo Dot, which were both previously unavailable in the U.K. (but had been available in the US). Prior to this, I had already found alternative solutions to pair these devices with my Amazon Echo Dot and have been successfully using the Amazon Echo Dot to control the D-Link Smart plugs and Harmony Hub. Hence the big questions are: Are the Alexa Skills provided for these devices better than the solutions I had found previously? Should I be enabling them on my Alexa App? Continue reading mydlink Home and Harmony Skills for Alexa

New Year’s Meal

As I was working during the week after Christmas, I was unable to cook for my family on Tuesday. Hence I had planned to cook on New Year’s Eve for my family instead. I had already made plans in my mind of what  I wanted for the emal. My plan was to start the meal with a lovely bottle of bubbly to celebrate the end of 2016 and welcome 2017, to serve a medium-rare Wagyu Rib-eye steak with leafy salad for the main dish, and to finish off the meal with a lovely dessert . Continue reading New Year’s Meal