Pokemon Go Nest (Pokemon Spawn rate)

In the 3 months that Pokemon Go has been out, I have found various sites in the neighbourhood where certain rare Pokemon do pop up at every now and then. Recently I had noticed Exeggcute appearing at the same place consistently. Hence I decided to note when it was appearing, so I could understand how best to predict for the future as well. Continue reading Pokemon Go Nest (Pokemon Spawn rate)

Ring Video Doorbell

Now I have had a surveillance web-cam at my front door now for a few years now. This has been sending me notifications via my email of people who come to our front door. But as technology has moved on quite a bit, I decided it was time to get a video doorbell for our front door – to notify us of visitors or movement in front of our house. As the Ring Video Doorbell was the easiest to install, I decided to buy this from Amazon. Cost £145.00 (RRP £159.00). Continue reading Ring Video Doorbell

Pokemon Go Section & some questions answered + Tip 1

Hi, as I have been enjoying Pokemon Go with my daughters, I thought there should be a section dedicated to this. Hence I have created a category for this where all posts about this can be seen together. Also, I thought I would take this opportunity to post about the new Pokemon I have managed to catch/hatch/evolve recently, as well as a tip I had noticed previously but not seen anyone post about. Continue reading Pokemon Go Section & some questions answered + Tip 1

Health parameters

Recently I had been very busy at work with quite a few days when I have been on-call at the hospital. Hence there has been times when I’ve not been able to post on my website – apologies to my readers. But now that I have some spare time again, I will be posting about a few things. The first I thought I would do is reflect my analysis of the health parameter data that I have accrued from my Withings Body Cardio over the last few weeks. Continue reading Health parameters