Pokemon Go Plus

Recently the Pokemon Go Plus accessory became available in the UK. As it is highly in demand, it is expected that the units which are available have a higher price tag than its RRP of £35.00. But as I saw that there were 10 available for immediate despatch through Amazon Prime at £63.99, I felt it worth the extra cost just to try it out. Continue reading Pokemon Go Plus

Food art – agar jelly flowers

Recently my wife’s friend came to visit us from London as many of their school friends had come to England. One of the things she brought to our house was agar jelly which she had made. But what was special was that it was specially decorated on the inside, using a food needle and syringe to create the lovely flowers. Apparently quite a few hours work went into making it. Continue reading Food art – agar jelly flowers

Pokemon Go buddy

It has been over 2 months since Pokemon Go came out here in England. There have been some updates to the interface, and one of the most useful is that of a Pokemon Buddy, where you elect one Pokemon as your buddy to walk about with you. And depending on the buddy, walking a certain amount of distance will result in your buddy finding a Pokemon-specific candy. This can prove to be helpful particularly for the rarer Pokemon, to get more candy to power them up or even evolve them. Continue reading Pokemon Go buddy

Healthy dinner – calorie counting

Recently, I have been talking with my wife about further improvements to my diet to reduce body fat even further. We have determined that my daily calorie requirement is roughly 2000 Calories. If I was aiming for a 0.5 kg weight loss a week to improve my BMI from 24 to 22, I would only be allowed 1780 Calories a day. In order to cut down on unnecessary calories in my diet, we decided to cut down as much as possible on carbohydrates and refined sugars, and increase the protein intake – this together with regular exercise, should make that difference. Continue reading Healthy dinner – calorie counting