Lavender Museum in Provence

The day after our trip to Marseille, we decided to visit the Lavender Museum in Provence. My wife tells me that Lavender is one of the major crops from this area, and hence it was worth a trip there just to learn about Lavender. As no dogs were allowed in the Museum, I stayed outside with Rosie our dog, while my wife and daughters joined the tour inside the Museum. Continue reading Lavender Museum in Provence

Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille

As I had posted before, we visited Marseille during our trip to South of France. Having visited the Stade Velodrome, the next tourist attraction we went to was Notre Dame de la Garde. This visit provided a lovely view of Marseille, including of the Old Port of Marseille. We had planned to visit that next, but that was cancelled owing to what transpired when we returned to our car. Continue reading Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille

The 5 Senses Trail – Bouchard Aine & Fils wine tour

Now recently I had written about our tour of the Bouchard Aine & Fils wine cellar. One of the descriptions of the tour also mentioned this as the 5 senses trail. There were hints from a blue book which they were selling, and had displayed prominently on one of the tables in the manor house. So here I would like to walk you through the experience of this. Continue reading The 5 Senses Trail – Bouchard Aine & Fils wine tour

Roquefort Cheese

In the interest of trying another thing from France while on our recent trip, we turn now to French cheese which is one of the foods which the French consume alot of. Now one of the cheeses that my wife had told me about which purportedly has health benefits, was the Roquefort cheese from the South of France. It is a sheep milk blue cheese, which is matured in caves to attain the distinct veins of blue mold. There are studies which have reported that it has health benefits due to the specific anti-inflammatory properties it has. Hence as we were in the South of France, it made sense for us to buy some back to try. Continue reading Roquefort Cheese

Bouchard Aine & Fils – wine cellar tour

On this trip to France, we wanted to visit one of the wine cellars in the Burgundy region. We spent one night in Dijon, and in the reception area of the apartment we stayed in had adverts for quite a few wine cellars. But the one which stuck out from the rest, was the one for Bouchard Aine & Fils in Beaune. Hence we decided to visit this wine cellar on our second day in France. Continue reading Bouchard Aine & Fils – wine cellar tour

Canele – French pastry

One of the treats that we discovered and truly enjoyed on our trip to Bordeaux many years ago, were the Caneles. This is a very tasty French pastry which is a specialty of Bordeaux, which can be eaten at any time of the day, and goes well with red wine. Hence as we were going to the South of France, this was the one thing I looked for when shopping. Hence it was great that I found it in the Carrefour in both Dijon and Provence. Continue reading Canele – French pastry

Lunch in Marseille

For those who are wondering why my website has not had a new post for 4 days now, it is because we have been away in the South of France for our summer holiday. In the past, we had traveled to Brittany, Paris, Reims, Bordeaux and Loire Valley. Hence to complete the rest of France, we drove to the South of France to Provence, Marseille, Nice and even Monaco. I will post on our travels in the coming days. Continue reading Lunch in Marseille

Health supplements

My wife has been in conversation with some of her friends about health issues. One of the topics they discussed was about certain health supplements which were supposed to be good. Hence we also bought some of these to supplement our diet, to see if it would have any benefits. For Father’s day, my wife and the children also bought be a protein supplement, so I could add this into my smoothies. Continue reading Health supplements