Orion VX12 Base Plate

Now it has been a while since I upgraded my mount to the Skywatcher EQ8, One of the main reasons was so I could use my Orion Optics 12″ VX12 Newtonian for imaging. So with the mount all ready for use, it was time to set my Orion Optics VX12 Newtonian onto it in preparation for deep sky imaging. One of the things I needed to do was to mount a guide scope. After considering the various options, I decided to order the Orion 350mm Base Plate so it could be used to fit my Skywatcher ED80 as my guide scope. Continue reading Orion VX12 Base Plate

New Zealand lamb chops

Recently I resumed my cooking duties after a week where work commitments prevented me from cooking on my normal day (Tuesday). In anticipation of this, I had popped into Asda to buy my usual Wagyu Rib-eye steaks. Unfortunately there were none available and only one Wagyu sirloin steak I could buy. Hence I decided to buy some New Zealand lamb chops to cook Sous vide method as well – something I’ve not tried before. Continue reading New Zealand lamb chops

ZWO ASI1600MM-cool – first light

It has been a very long while since the ASI1600MM-cool camera arrived with me. Its arrival however has coincided with cloudy skies or rainy nights, which when coupled with the longer days and shorter nights, meant that it has been nearly impossible to do any testing of deep sky imaging with this camera. But on Friday night, the sky became very clear with no clouds overhead. Hence I took out my portable setup to try imaging with this camera. Continue reading ZWO ASI1600MM-cool – first light