My daughter’s Cushion

There are classes that my youngest daughter enjoys at school. One of these classes is DT or Design and Technology – something that was not time during my time in school. But it is an interesting subject, as it gives them the time to put their imaginative powers into making something nice that they can bring home at the end. Last term, my daughter did a project on making her own patch-work cushion. Continue reading My daughter’s Cushion

Wine hobby

Recently while watching the Tour de France cycle race, I noted that there was a television series on ITV called The Wine Show, link here: This show was hosted by two actors, Matthew Goode (from The Imitation Games) and Matthew Rhys, and the wine guru, Joe Fattorini. The series shows the journey taken by these three men across Italy and other parts of the world, looking at the stories in wine making. My wife and I have become hooked on the show, due to the great facts presented about wine and the beautiful scenery around many of these vineyards. Which brings me to the reasons why I got into wine collecting. Continue reading Wine hobby

Hot weather in the UK – cooling down

Recently it looked like Summer had finally arrived in the UK. After the many months of indifferent weather, with rain and cloudy skies predominating, finally we were seeing bright sunny and hot days. With the hot weather comes the problem of how to keep hydrated and how to stay cool – and boy has it been hot these last 3 days. That’s where the smoothie maker can come in very handy. Continue reading Hot weather in the UK – cooling down

Neat Ideas Crafty Cutters – fun with food

Some people eat food to satisfy their hunger. But there are others who feel that food should be fun as well. One of the ways my wife has found recently to make the food fun and interesting, is to cut the food into lovely shapes. Apparently she had bought the Neat Ideas Crafty Cutters from Hobby Craft quite a few months ago but had not opened the packaging. But having taken my daughters to Hobby Craft on Saturday, she was reminded that she needed to use it to prepare food. Hence out it came. Continue reading Neat Ideas Crafty Cutters – fun with food