Flaming Star nebula and IC410

Having reprocessed quite a few different DSOs with Pixinsight, this time round it is the turn of the Flaming Star Nebula (IC405) and its neighbour IC410 with its open star cluster NGC1893, both in the constellation Auriga. These were captured between 14/3/16 and 25/3/16 over many nights, as I only started imaging it when my other target became too low to image. Continue reading Flaming Star nebula and IC410

Pest, insect and Rodent repellent

With the observatory being in the garden and unoccupied for vast majority of the time, and the fact I noted a few threads of a spider web developing in there, I decided that I needed to install some form of pest repellent in there. After looking through the various options available, I decided on the 5-in-1 Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Control Repeller from Amazon. Continue reading Pest, insect and Rodent repellent

Brother Yun in Oxford

About the beginning of May ’16, we were informed by Pastor Phil from Cornerstone Church when he came to our church that there was an event organised at his church where Brother Yun author of ‘The Heavenly Man’, would be coming to give his testimony. Now my father had bought this book for my wife many years ago, and she had read it, and had bought his second book ‘Living water’ as well. Hence we both thought it an excellent opportunity to meet the man in person and listen to his testimony, as it does look like he has been through quite alot over the many years. Continue reading Brother Yun in Oxford

LBN581+ LBN589 – processed with Pixinsight

With clouds and rain the predominant theme in the weather in UK recently, there has not been an opportunity to do anything more than surfing the net and doing processing with Pixinsight of the data that I’ve managed to capture up to now. I decided to process LBN581 captured in narrowband, which is my preferred imaging spectrum for wide-field images. Continue reading LBN581+ LBN589 – processed with Pixinsight

Skywatcher EQ8 declination backlash adjustment

On Saturday because I had my Skywatcher EQ8 telescope mount polar alignment sorted, I decided I had to check and adjust the backlash in declination before mounting my Orion VX12 12″ Newtonian onto it. There were somethings I had experienced during polar aligning the mount which led me to believe that there were some issues which needed to resolve. Continue reading Skywatcher EQ8 declination backlash adjustment

Birthday meals – The Mole Inn

We celebrated my wife’s birthday recently. Now one of the things she enjoys, is a good meal. Hence I had made plans to take her our for lunch to the Mole Inn which is not far from where we live. For dinner, I had planned to cook her favourite meal – tomato and basil soup, Wagyu rib-eye steak served with fresh leafy salad, mash potato with peppercorn sauce. Continue reading Birthday meals – The Mole Inn

My new telescope mount – Skywatcher EQ8

About a month ago, I invited my oldest daughter and wife into my observatory. I explained to them that my Celestron CGEM could not cope with the weight of my Orion Optics VX12 12″ Newtonian telescope. They took one look at my telescope and the mount and started laughing at me, saying that small mount can’t be expected to hold that large telescope. That sealed it for me that I needed change my mount. Continue reading My new telescope mount – Skywatcher EQ8