Mercury Transit 9/5/2016

I was made aware that there would be Mercury transiting in front of the Sun on 9/5/16. Hence both my wife and I took a day of annual leave just to witness this rare event РMercury transit across the Sun only happens between 13 to 14 times per  century. The next time this would happen would be 11/11/2019, and then 13/11/2032 after this. Continue reading Mercury Transit 9/5/2016

Changes to my obsy

Now that I finally came round to the fact that my current telescope mount (Celestron CGEM) simply is not up to the task of handling my large and heavy Orion Optics VX12 Newtonian, I took this telescope off and replaced it with the much more manageable Astro-Tech 8″ Ritchey Chretien astrograph. Suddenly there looks to be more room to manoeuvre around in my Obsy. So on Wednesday (4/5/16) night I decided to drift alignment to improve on my Polar alignment using PHD2 guiding and its drift align tool. Continue reading Changes to my obsy

Oregon Scientific BAR228 Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor

With my obsy now complete with my telescope set up inside and the dehumidifier running to control the humidity especially after a night of imaging, I realised that I wanted an easily accessible form of continuous of the temperature and humidity in my observatory, something my current sensor cannot do. After research, I decided to buy the Oregon Scientific BAR228 Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor for £39.99 from Amazon. Continue reading Oregon Scientific BAR228 Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Sensor