ZWO ASI1600MM-cool – UV imaging

One other thing I was interested to test out on the ASI1600MM-cool is its UV-imaging potential. This could be particularly useful bearing in mind its slightly larger sensor, for documenting the UV-pattern of flowers or of the human skin (bruises, sun-damage etc). I picked a Buttercup flower from my back garden and used this as my subject for testing its UV-imaging capability. Continue reading ZWO ASI1600MM-cool – UV imaging

Minion Birthday Party

In the past, I had organised quite a few birthday parties for my oldest daughter, with various different themes including Pokemon, Batman and others. Recently when my youngest daughter wanted to have a birthday play date with her best friend, I was tasked with finding the appropriate theme for her party. As most people love the Minions, it was a fairly easy choice to make – the hard part was sourcing the various different Minion-related things for the party. Continue reading Minion Birthday Party

Seagull nebula revisited – Pixinsight processing

Now that I’ve had the opportunity to do LRGB processing with Pixinsight, I have finally found enough courage to delve into narrowband processing with Pixinsight. Again there is much to learn in this new processing sequence, but as I’ve become fairly familiar with some of these processes, it is not as difficult as I imagined it would be. Continue reading Seagull nebula revisited – Pixinsight processing

Fitbit Surge Fitness tracker with continuous heart rate monitoring

Previously when my wife took up running and regular exercise and wanted to get a fitness tracker, I did suggest getting one of the more expensive models. But as she was not sure whether she would have a sustained interest in this, she decided that getting the less expensive Riversong fitness tracker would suffice. But now that she is really getting into running and exercise, she finally decided that there were some features that were essential to have in such a tracker. Hence she decided to buy the Fitbit Surge. Continue reading Fitbit Surge Fitness tracker with continuous heart rate monitoring