My new observatory

Circumstances were such that I have been seriously considering getting my own personal observatory for a while now. With the telescope pier being put into place  nearly a year ago, I suppose that this step was inevitable. Now the overwhelming convenience of not needing to lug a huge heavy telescope back and forth from the house, coupled with the added bonus of having my astronomy equipment all setup and ready to use to save time, made the decision to build an obsy a no brainer. Well, I can now say that it is finally completed (with perhaps some extra tweaking). Continue reading My new observatory

Singapore Laksa

Recently we had a craving for Singapore Laksa, which is a spicy noodle soup served with chicken, prawn, fish balls etc. Previously it was only possible to eat such dishes at restaurants or back in Asia. But with the popularity of such foods all over the world, it is now possible to buy the ingredients to make such dishes at home anywhere in the world. Continue reading Singapore Laksa

Deep Sky RGB filter – Pleiades and Rosette nebula

In the recent months, each time when there was clear skies, there seemed to be the moon prominently lighting up the night sky. Hence the only form of imaging I could do was with narrowband filters. But recently there were a few reasonably clear nights without the moon lighting up the sky. So even though the light pollution was higher than it normally is, I decided that I still had to take the opportunity to try out the Astronomik Deep Sky RGB filters for imaging. Continue reading Deep Sky RGB filter – Pleiades and Rosette nebula