Riversong wireless fitness tracker

Recently, my wife told me that she felt overweight compared to her friends. I gave her two options: 1) she exercises more to lose weight, or 2) get new friends that don’t make her look/feel overweight. She decided that she liked her friends too much to change, and so the only choice was for her to do more exercise. Now one of the things which can be useful when paired with her iPhone is an exercise tracker watch/band, to track her exercise regime and progress. We decided to get the Riversong wireless fitness tracker with heart rate function from Amazon for this. Continue reading Riversong wireless fitness tracker

Tale of two Astronomy stores

Today I would like to share my experience with 2 different stores in UK which sell astronomy equipment. I have to say that the experience is very contrasting, and just goes to show that there are great stores who you can trust with great customer support, while others are completely lacking in customer support. I know which I would avoid and which I would buy from again in future. Continue reading Tale of two Astronomy stores

Chicks in my Bonnet

You’ve heard of the phrase “bee in my bonnet”, but my daughter has created “chicks in her bonnet”. For this year’s Easter bonnet school competition, my daughter decided that she wanted to have a good go at it herself. As art was probably one of my worst subjects in school, I could not help her with this endeavor. I was certainly very impressed with what she managed to make (with artistic talent that did not come from either of her parents). Continue reading Chicks in my Bonnet

ASI178MM-cooled: narrowband imaging exposure settings

Now up to recently, I had been choosing settings for imaging with the ASI178MM-cooled based on convenience. But now that I am getting familiar with imaging with narrowband filters, I have decided to take a closer look at the histograms to help me choose the most ideal gain and exposure settings for my combination of equipment. Continue reading ASI178MM-cooled: narrowband imaging exposure settings

Horsehead nebula revisited

Since we are coming to the end of winter, I thought that I had better make full use of the opportunity to image the Horsehead nebula. Otherwise I may have to wait another 8-10 months before I can image it again. I was particularly keen to try imaging it with the Astronomik Deep Sky RGB filters and CLS-CCD filter. But I also did a few H-alpha images to see what it could add. Continue reading Horsehead nebula revisited

Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters

Happy Valentine’s day to one and all. Rather than flowers, how about some more filters. Now I have thought about it, there seem to be a few things I like to buy/collect – photography adapter/stepping rings, imaging optics, cameras/imagers and imaging filters; they all help the progress along my photo journey.

Now while researching the Astronomik site for information about the narrowband filters, I came across a new set of filters developed by Astronomik for deep sky imaging, unimaginatively called Deep-Sky RGB filters – but at least we know what they were designed for. As they had a great offer for the new filter set ending 31st January 2016, I felt I had to grasp the opportunity to buy it before the price went up. The main drawing point for these filters is that the filters are supposed to have been designed to work well with vast majority of current imaging sensors, including those from Sony, and allow for 1:1:1 exposures for a balanced colour image. Continue reading Astronomik Deep-Sky RGB filters