Sunsbell Power Pack

Recently, I realised that 1 x 12V output of the YE!! power pack was not going to be sufficient. I needed 2 x 12 V outputs in order to be able to power the iOptron ZEQ25 mount and my Lacerta MGEN autoguider. Hence searching on Amazon, I found the Sunsbell power pack. It also comes with a very useful accessory, which will make it very useful for astronomy. It holds 16,800mAh and costs less than the Ye!! power pack @ £58.99 from Amazon. Continue reading Sunsbell Power Pack

iOptron StarFi Wifi Telescope Adapter and SkySafari Pro 5

Recently while looking at the various accessories available for the iOptron ZEQ25GT mount, I found that iOptron had a small little box, the StarFi wifi telescope adapter, which allows for the mount to be controlled wirelessly through SkySafari.  So while searching about SkySafari in the Apple App Store, I found that there was the new SkySafari 5 App which was currently on offer at 50% off (Pro version currentl £14.99, RRP £29.99). It was a no brainer that I had to buy this App, as I am in need of a good App for searching for Deep Sky Objects, and the Pro version has the largest database. In order to get the most from the SkySafari, I also decided to buy the StarFi for my iOptron mount to make it wirelessly controllable with my iPhone. Continue reading iOptron StarFi Wifi Telescope Adapter and SkySafari Pro 5


Happy New Year to everyone of my readers. I thought I would start the first post of the new year with some images I’m pretty happy with. Recently I was faced with the decision of which astrophotography image processing software to buy. I wanted something which had enough processing functions/modules to be able to process my astrophotos well, while not being too difficult to learn (or require me to watch tutorial videos every time I am processing a photo), and definitely not too costly. Hence after watching a few videos on how an astrophoto is processed with StarTools and factoring that it costs A$60 (under £30), I decided that it was definitely worth buying.

Continue reading Startools