iOptron ZEQ25 astrophotography: Pleiades

On Tuesday night, the skies became very clear for the very first time in a long while at night. Hence I had to take the opportunity to try imaging with the iOptron ZEQ25 mount. Setting up was very easy, as was the polar alignment using the built-in polar scope. Once I had aligned the mount to Capella, it was accurately slewing to my chosen target. As Pleiades (M45) was high in the sky, this became the target for my imaging on that night. Continue reading iOptron ZEQ25 astrophotography: Pleiades

Neewer filter wrench

Recently I was presented with a problem. I had mounted my Baader T2 (32mm) prism diagonal onto my Daystar Quark with its FLO T2 adapter. Unfortunately I had tightened the diagonal on rather tightly, so much so that I was unable to unthread the adapter no matter how hard I tried. Hence while looking for a solution, I came across the Neewer filter wrench on Hence I bought this, and it arrived on the weekend. Continue reading Neewer filter wrench

M48-T2 adapters

Previously I had purchased a T2 (male) to M48 (female) adapter to allow use for astrophotography with my 2″ Astronomik CLS-CCD filter. But as I am intending to get a mono imaging camera and a filter wheel with a set of LRGB filters. Hence I needed a way to adapt the 2″ filter to use between the filter wheel and my off-axis guider. I was pleased to find a M48 (male) to T2 (female) adapter on eBay, which has M48 male threads and female T2 threads through the entire thickness of this adapter. Continue reading M48-T2 adapters

M42-T2 adapter ring

There are two different mounting systems in photography based on 42mm threads. These are the M42 format from the Pentax era of old, which has many different old lenses out there using this mounting system. The other is the T2 system used in astronomy, which while still using 42mm threads, they differ from the M42 system in terms of the thread pitch i.e. the distance between two screw threads (M42 has 0.5mm pitch threads whereas T2 has 0.75mm pitch). This means that while it is possible to thread accessories/equipment of these two different mounts, they will not thread in fully. I have been using different ring adapters to make such an adapter (M42-52mm, 52mm-T2), but now these are readily available on eBay. Continue reading M42-T2 adapter ring

Christmas tree 2016

As is our family tradition, we put up our Christmas tree on the 1st day of December. Each year we also buy a new special decoration to add to the Christmas tree. This year, my oldest daughter had the privilege to select this special Christmas decoration; my youngest chose the decoration last year, and we will all take it in turns to choose. Anyway, here are the pictures of our Christmas tree. And as is part of our tradition, we had the White Christmas music CD playing while we did the decorating. This is an event we all look forward to as a family. Continue reading Christmas tree 2016

Baader T2 (32mm) Prism Diagonal (Updated: 2/2/15)

Recently I became aware that prism diagonals can perform better than a mirror prism for certain subjects such as planets or low-contrast subjects such as the sun in H-alpha. Hence I decided to get the small Baader T2 prism diagonal, which comes with a 1.25″ focusing eyepiece holder (with T2 threads) and a T2 – 1.25″ nose piece from Continue reading Baader T2 (32mm) Prism Diagonal (Updated: 2/2/15)