At this time of year, it is particularly good to consider the things that we can be thankful for. Many lament the things which they do not have, or what others have that they long for. But that is just missing the boat about life itself. We should not be moaning about what we do not have, but be thankful for the things that we do have. In this post, I will share with you 5 things/categories that I am thankful to God for. Some of these things may also be things we take for granted, and we won’t realise it until we’ve lost them. Now there are also some that can be used for both good or bad (depending on how you use it), but I’ve chosen to consider the good that they can do or bring. Continue reading Thanksgiving

iOptron ZEQ25GT

Previously I’ve been using my friend’s Astrotrac TT320AX for doing solar imaging. But since getting the Daystar Quark which has a built-in 4.3x Barlow, it has become clear that it is too challenging for me to manually adjust the Astrotrac to align the solar features I’m interested in on the Liveview screen of my camera. Sadly where my telescope pier and Celestron CGEM are mounted, it is not possible to image the sun due to the surrounding houses and trees, so that it cannot be used. Hence I decided that it was necessary to get a portable Goto mount to fill this role. After researching for some time, I decided to buy the iOptron ZEQ25GT, particularly as one came up on eBay for much less than the RRP of £650. Continue reading iOptron ZEQ25GT

Gel Nose pads

There is a saying that you should buy a comfortable bed and pair of shoes, as you will likely to be in one or the other for most of the hours of the day. For those who wear glasses, it is worth getting accessories for the glasses to make them as comfortable as possible, since you likely be wearing them when you are awake. These could bethe nose pads or the temple tips which hold the glasses in place. I had bought gel nose pads for my glasses about two years ago, and had to replace one of them recently. Continue reading Gel Nose pads

Ye!! 12000mAh Energy Block

I have bought many rechargeable power packs over the years to recharge mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and gaming devices. But all of these are only able to charge through USB. Hence when I saw the Ye!! power pack, I knew that this was something special, as it is able to power through USB, 12V and even laptops and the ability to jump start a car. Hence as this was available at a very good price, I could not pass up on the deal and so I bought it. Continue reading Ye!! 12000mAh Energy Block

Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

Recently while using the Daystar Quark to view the sun in H-alpha, I thought it would be great to try and capture a quick image of the sun with my iPhone. Unfortunately the attempts at trying to do this did not go very well, as my hands are not steady enough to do this. Hence I thought it would be worth looking for an adapter to mount the iPhone (or any other phone) to the eyepiece to quickly capture the sun via video or quick photo snap. The research led me to get the Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter mount. Continue reading Solomark Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

Televue 25mm and 32mm Plossl Eyepieces

Since I first got into astronomy, I have become aware of the brand Televue being synonymous with excellent quality eyepieces and other optical accessories. In the past I have only ever owned the Televue 1.25″ 5x powermate with its adapter for imaging, but due to the purchase of the Daystar Quark, I had to consider getting some of their excellent Plossl eyepieces for H-alpha solar visual use. Continue reading Televue 25mm and 32mm Plossl Eyepieces