Penang Island

During this holiday, we have made a few trips to Penang. On one of these trips, we took the Penang ferry across to Penang Island, rather than via one of the two bridges which link Penang Island to the mainland. This gave me the opportunity to take photos of the harbour, as well as the boats/ships moving along the Penang Strait. I managed to capture images both in visible light and infrared. Continue reading Penang Island

SG50 – Happy Jubilee Singapore

9th August 1965 was the day of Singapore’s independence from Malaysia. Yesterday was the 50th year of Singapore’s independence (AKA SG50), and hence the Golden Jubilee celebration was a particularly big occasion with public holidays declared both on the Friday before and the Monday after. The whole nation has been abuzz with the anticipation of this milestone in Singapore’s history. In celebration, the government have been giving away packs with memorabilia which people growing up in Singapore in the last few decades can identify with. Continue reading SG50 – Happy Jubilee Singapore

Street photography

Street photography is an area of photography that I have to confess to not having much experience in. There are many people who walk around with either a 35mm or 50mm prime lens for street photography. As I did not bring either for this trip, I decided to do this using my zoom lens; I brought only two cameras for this trip – my main camera is the Sony A7R, and the other is my full-spectrum Olympus E-PL5 with kit lens and 650nm infrared filter. The B+W processing of the Sony A7R images was done using Capture One Pro 8 from the Sony RAW file, rather than in-camera, as it allows me to select the look I would like. Continue reading Street photography

The Big Banquet

During our trip back to Malaysia, it is always a time to meet with relatives and share a meal together. For big occasions such as wedding banquets, milestone birthdays or for such reunion dinners, my relatives tend to use the culinary services of the Jade Garden Restaurant in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia. In fact, we had our wedding banquet there over 17 years ago. Continue reading The Big Banquet