Bersih 4 London

Yesterday all over the world (in over 50 countries), there have been many people gathered together in sympathy with the Bersih 4 movement taking place in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia over Saturday and Sunday. Bersih means clean in malay, and is directed at their current reigning government particularly their Prime minister, to be clean in their political dealings. We managed to go to the Bersih 4 London rally. Continue reading Bersih 4 London

Riedel Ouverture Wine Glass

The glass I normally used to drink wine from, was the very nicely made Riedel port glass. This is small and nicely shaped. Unfortunately recently while cleaning it, I knocked it against the dinner table and it broke. Hence the job was on to look for a replacement wine glass. While researching about the various wine glasses available, I found out that the small glasses we were using (ISO tasting glass and my Riedel Port glass), were not really ideal to maximize the enjoyment of the different varieties of wine. Hence a different type of glass was required. Continue reading Riedel Ouverture Wine Glass

Long exposure images – Sony A7R

During my holiday, I wanted to try the long exposure capture of some images using my Sony A7R. As I did not bring a tripod for the trip, the only way was to brace it against something while taking the shot. In Malaysia, I took images of the waterfall of a koi pond at the recreational club of the estate where my relatives lived. The second image was of the night sky from a high multi-storey apartment in Singapore. Continue reading Long exposure images – Sony A7R

Penang Jetty

When in Penang, there are a few areas of interest worth visiting. Of note is the Penang jetty, which is a collection of jetties close to each other. While there are local residences there, as well as some shops, it is also an attraction frequented by visitors to Penang. As can be expected, there are plenty of places to photograph while there. In fact, there was a wedding photo shoot taking place at that time of the evening due to the great lighting which is ideal for photo shoots. Continue reading Penang Jetty