Blowtorch cooking

Cooking shows are extremely popular in England. All you need to do is turn on the television and you are more than likely to come across a cooking show. One of the things which I have seen on some of these shows and which I have wanted to do, is to use a blow torch in cooking. Now as we celebrated my wife’s birthday recently, I decided to cook her favourite meal – Sous vide rib-eye steak with peppercorn sauce. But this time, instead of pan frying 30-45 seconds each side of the steak to brown it up, I used a blow torch which I had bought from Robert Dyas a while ago. Continue reading Blowtorch cooking


Whenever my family take Rosie our puppy out for a walk in the neighbourhood, often times they do come across some interesting flowers. Recently on one of these walks, they brought back a small bunch of Forget-me-nots. Interestingly the genus of this flower is Myosotis, which is very similar to the medical term myositis which means inflamed muscles. It is supposedly worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love. Continue reading Forget-me-not

Rib-eye or Sirloin steak

In the past we used to prefer sirloin steak to other cuts of beef. But over the last two years, that preference has changed to rib-eye. Recently, I happened to find a piece of Wagyu rib-eye steak in Asda. Hence I decided that I would buy this and a nice piece of Wagyu sirloin steak to do some blind tasting to see whether we could tell the difference between these cuts of beef. My youngest daughter relished the thought of doing a comparison test, and was the first to participate. Read on to find out what the results were. Continue reading Rib-eye or Sirloin steak

Jupiter 21/5/15 with Great Red Spot

One of the surface features of Jupiter which I have been interested in imaging is the Great Red Spot. On the night of 21/5/15 the skies were very clear with hardly any cloud. Hence even though I was working the next day, I decided not to waste the opportunity and set up my telescope to image Jupiter. I knew that from 21:48 Hrs of that night, the Great Red Spot would be visible. So I brought my telescope out 2+ hours before to let the mirror cool down sufficiently. Continue reading Jupiter 21/5/15 with Great Red Spot