Lego Friends

My youngest daughter does enjoying putting Lego Friends together. As this is past-time I did not experience as a child (i.e. playing lego), at least now I can experience this through my children. They have put together quite a few different Lego sets, which I will post about in the threads to come. But today, I will be focusing solely on what my youngest daughter has managed to put together all by herself. I promised her that I would feature this on my website. Continue reading Lego Friends

Kendrick Dew Heater and Micro Controller

Recently I had been planning on improving my telescope setup to prevent dew. Now I had made a dew shield, but when this was mounted on my Orion Optics VX12 Newtonian, it did make it more wobbly in the wind. I suspect that it is partly due to the fact it makes the setup even closer to the maximum load capacity of the Celestron CGEM. Hence I decided to order the Dew Heater and Micro Controller directly from Kendrick in Canada. Continue reading Kendrick Dew Heater and Micro Controller


When I woke up on my wife’s birthday, I was particularly touched to see what my youngest daughter had made for her for her birthday. It is full of love and thankfulness, which must have touched my wife’s heart – I know I was touched, even if the present wasn’t for me. Continue reading Gifts