Notice to all readers

Now it has been my long term ambition to post a new thread each day on my website. But owing to time constraints and in the interest of keeping the information posted fresh and interesting, I have decided that from this week onwards, I will post at least two, maybe more posts a week, as they happen. This way I do not feel the pressure to find something to post on for each day.

So do drop in when you can, as there should be something new every few days (maybe more). Anyway, thanks for visiting my website. I hope there has been information or pictures which you have found interesting.


Tap Titans

There are many different free game apps available to download for smartphones and tablets which can help keep one occupied and help pass the time. One such app is Tap Titans, which I’ve started playing recently. There are multiple facets to the game which can keep one interested and different ways to help you get further in the game. Continue reading Tap Titans

Bonne Maman French Galettes

I am sure many of us have a childhood memory which has stuck in our mind all these years – which means it must have been very significant. Mine was of the time my paternal grandmother (I was her favourite grand child) had kept a home-made cookie which her friend had baked specially for her, for me to eat. That was the best cookie I had ever eaten. And I have been looking for cookies which taste like that ever since – bearing in mind I was 8 to 9 years old then. Continue reading Bonne Maman French Galettes

Royal Albert Hall – Jonathan Lee Concert

On Monday 22nd June 2015, my wife and I made our way down to London to meet up with a few friends. A few weeks ago, we were made aware by one of our friends that there was a concert at the Royal Albert Hall featuring Jonathan Lee, a famous singer/songwriter from China – apparently he is renowned as the father of Chinese pop music, and has written many famous songs for many famous music artists. As we had never been to the Royal Albert Hall and my wife was very keen to go to this concert, we bought tickets for this event. Continue reading Royal Albert Hall – Jonathan Lee Concert