Wine crate vegetable plot

We are aware that vegetables bought at the supermarket have already been picked days before it goes on sale (if not much longer) and hence are not as fresh as we think. My wife must have been influenced by the cooking shows on television, as she who was never interested in gardening decided this year that she would grow vegetables and herbs in our garden – nothing beats fresh vegetables straight from the garden. We do have a pot of basil growing on our kitchen window sill, but this is a completely new thing for my wife to be doing. Continue reading Wine crate vegetable plot

Patisserie Valerie

Our friend visiting us from London came with a few boxes of hand-made cakes and goodies from Patisserie Valerie the other day. This Patisserie has over 80 years of history of making continental patisserie and cakes in England, as they do have cafes all around England. I was amazed when looking at their website, that they actually have so many branches all over England – clearly I am not very observant of the various cafes around. Continue reading Patisserie Valerie