UV: flowers in ambient light

Now I do like taking photos of flowers indoors, as it allows me to be in control of the various settings including pose of the flower. But sometimes I do like to shoot flowers in the garden using ambient light. Clearly this involves the use of a tripod and wired remote control to prevent any shake. Also, it is preferable not to have any wind to cause movement blur of the flower. Continue reading UV: flowers in ambient light

Telescope pier

I have not been able do any astrophotography lately as I have been working on a project. This is one I have been meaning to get done but which never was a priority until now; I have been getting a telescope pier sunk into the ground in my garden. Now that my interest in astrophotography has been rekindled with the Celestron Starsense autoalign making my telescope alignment so much easier, I thought I would get my telescope mount as stable as possible to give me the best chance to get the most out of the mount. Continue reading Telescope pier