My astrophotography journey continues

Now that I have my own website, I feel that I am always looking for more material to post online – which is great as a motivator for me to do many of the different interests/hobbies that I have. So there should be something which will interest most if not all people. Recently, a few things have happened which have refuelled my interest in astrophotography and spurred further investment of time and money. Continue reading My astrophotography journey continues

Posh Fish

As my wife was late coming back last night, she decided to buy back Fish and Chips, calamari rings and scampi for dinner. She bought this from a shop called Posh Fish in Headington Oxford; they have been frying since 1983 – well over 30 years. It is not often that we have take away food, so I could not resist taking pics of this meal. Continue reading Posh Fish