Moment Telephoto 2x lens for smartphone

Having bought two different lens kits to use with my iPhone, I felt that the telephoto lenses from these kit did not quite give me what I was looking for in terms of image quality (though not unexpected at that price point). Hence I decided to spend the US$99.99 to buy the Moment Telephoto 2x lens. They do sell a wide-angle lens as well, but I did not buy this. I have read a few reviews of this lens, but I still had many unanswered questions. So I will try to answer these in this review (link at bottom now updated and working). Continue reading Moment Telephoto 2x lens for smartphone

Church house celebration

Last night, our church gathered together in the newly acquired premises to have a celebration meal together. It was a time of celebration and fellowship. And where chinese people gather, there is sure to be good food. To top it all off, I had the opportunity to use my friend’s newly acquired Sony A7II, which I will write about soon. Most of these pictures were taken with the Sony A7II. Continue reading Church house celebration