Comet Lovejoy

One of the objects in the night sky that I have been wanting to image was the Comet Lovejoy. This comet initially was only visible in the Southern Hemisphere. But over the last month or so, it has been gradually making its way up to the Northern Hemisphere and is visible now in the night sky. Sadly the skies have been cloudy over the past few weeks until Monday night. The skies were initially cloudy when I got home in the evening,  but around 8:45pm the skies became clear and  revealed the many stars in the night sky (there is always significant light pollution here in Oxford). Hence I took the opportunity to do some astrophotography. Continue reading Comet Lovejoy

Etymotic ER4P earphones

When I was growing up, music played a big part of my life – as is the case with my daughters now. Back then, the Sony Walkman cassette player was the hottest technology of that time. And the earphones we used were just as important. I recall that back then, we had to turn the sound up to fairly loud to be able to hear the music (and block out the ambient noise). More than 10 years ago, I had bought a Sony MP3 player, and needed a good pair of earphones to go with it. After all the research, I decided to buy the Etymotic ER4P earphones.

Continue reading Etymotic ER4P earphones

Sugru – mouldable rubber

There are times you will encounter when it is necessary to mend things. I am sure all of my readers at some point have used at least one of these to mend things: super glue, epoxy resin, sticky tape, PVC tape, duct tape. Last year I bought a new product called Sugru, which is supposed to be a mouldable rubber compound capable of gripping onto many different materials and bond them together. Cost between £7-10 for packs of 5. Continue reading Sugru – mouldable rubber

New Category

I’ve just added a new category – Review. This is where I will have all the reviews I have done of various equipment and accessories. Hopefully this will make it easier to find them.