iPhone tripod mount, selfie stick and bluetooth remote

Recently I purchased some magnetic clip-on lenses for my iPhone as I felt the fixed 29mm focal length of the iPhone 6 plus camera to be very limiting. And as it is the one camera I will always have with me, it makes sense to buy accessories to make it more useful. I find holding the iPhone on its own or even with a case to be very precarious and I am always concerned about dropping it, which does not make it easy to take¬†pictures. So I needed to buy a ‘camera grip’ and a tripod mount for my iPhone 6 plus, and I thought a bluetooth remote would come in handy as well. The tripod mount was for mounting my iPhone on a tripod so I could do test shots with the smartphone lens kits I bought for the iPhone (reviews to follow), and possibly to try out a recently released focus stacking app.

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3-course dinner

As it was my turn to cook again on Tuesday, I took inspiration from the movie Men in Black 3. There is this scene in the movie where Agent K and Agent J went into a diner to get some pie. Agent K ended up ordering a slice of apple pie with cheddar. That gave me a craving for apple pie (or rather tart). Hence I decided that we were going to gave a 3-course dinner. Continue reading 3-course dinner

Sony A6000 for astrophotography part 2

Some people enjoy looking at the sky and observing the various deep sky objects out there. As for me, I would rather photograph these as it is more of a permanent record of the event. Hence the equipment I’ve accrued are more geared for imaging than observing.

Previously I had used the Sony A6000 with the William Optics 72 Megrez for astrophotography, mounted on the Astrotrac TT320X. I managed to image both the Andromeda galaxy and Pleiades during that first attempt with this camera. See here.

There were many signs that this would be a great camera for astrophotography, as it had addressed quite a few issues associated with earlier Sony E-mount models. Over the past week, I have had a few more opportunities to do further astrophotography with the Sony A6000. Read on to find out more. Continue reading Sony A6000 for astrophotography part 2

Yellow Carnation

Our friend Janet brought a bunch of carnations for us when she came to visit. Hence as I have not imaged this flower with my various filters before, I thought I would put it through my indoor studio setup. For this photo shoot, I had the help of my youngest daughter, as she wanted to be involved. Obviously we took precautions with the appropriate UV eye protection gear and closing eyes before shooting with the flash. Continue reading Yellow Carnation