Sony A7ii: preview

I woke up this morning to very great news. I read on (thanks,  Andrea) that Sony Japan had announced the Sony A7ii. Sony had managed to squeeze in the technology which people said they could not (not in a compact mirrorless body). Well, Sony has proved them all wrong. In this post, I have looked through and compiled various bits of information regarding the A7ii with comparison to its other siblings in the same stable. Continue reading Sony A7ii: preview

Solar imaging 18/11/14 (something special)

I recently purchased the Tele Vue T2 adapter for the Tele Vue 1.25″ powermate, as I had borrowed my friend’s 2.5X powermate for solar imaging. I wanted to get magnified views of the sunspots using the Skywatcher ED100 (900mm focal length F9); this is not possible with my Celestron 2X Barlow. Using my Olympus E-P5, the effective focal length (EFL) of this telescope would be 1800mm (2x crop factor). But with the 2.5X power mate, it would be EFL 4500mm. Continue reading Solar imaging 18/11/14 (something special)

Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building

I had the chance to go to the Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building today, in St Hilda’s College  Oxford. She was famous as a brilliant cellist and an honorary fellow of the college; hence the building was named after her. It is the venue for a series of music concerts, but also serves as the venue for the ABRSM for piano exams. The 200-seat Edward Boyle auditorium houses a Steinway D concert grand piano, which is also used for the piano exams. Continue reading Jacqueline Du Pre Music Building

Beef rendang

Beef rendang is one of the spicy curry dishes from my youth that I still have fond memories of. I recall the time when I had the hottest beef rendang ever, which burnt my tongue and caused a lot of pain – I literally had to wash my tongue with running water from the tap to reduce the heat. But it was also the tastiest I had ever had – and the yard stick by which I have compared subsequent tastings.

Continue reading Beef rendang

Ghost pepper – Bhut Jolokia

There are many different varieties of chilli out there. There are some chilli which are very mild, while others are extremely hot. I have some Bird’s eye chilli plants growing in my conservatory for the last 2 years. These are reasonably hot, but I wanted to grow some extremely hot chilli as well. Hence I bought the Bhut Jolokia (Ghost pepper) plant, which was at one point in time the hottest chilli in the world (in 2007). Continue reading Ghost pepper – Bhut Jolokia