Helicoid focusers – Hawk Factory M42-NEX

I have bought quite a few helicoid focusers for use with various lenses (M42 and enlarger lenses). I will post about each helicoid focuser I have separately, and then combine them together for future easy reference. The information will include the various dimensions of each helicoid and my impression of how each works. This first post will be about the Hawk Factory M42-Nex helicoid. Continue reading Helicoid focusers – Hawk Factory M42-NEX

Flange focal distance – enlarger lenses

There are many different enlarger lenses available from the days of film photography. Many of these lenses perform very well for digital photography as well, once you are able to adapt them to work on your camera system. They do require a helicoid focuser for use, as they usually do not have a focusing mechanism on them. Most have M39 male threads for mount. Continue reading Flange focal distance – enlarger lenses

Astrotrac TT320X – solar imaging

There is a solar tracking mode on the Astrotrac TT-320X which will make solar imaging much easier. This is activated by pressing the brightness button while powering up i.e. plugging in the external battery pack. Then the Astrotrac is activated for tracking by pressing the play button – once to start the initialisation process and then a second time to start tracking. Continue reading Astrotrac TT320X – solar imaging