UV-induced visible fluorescence

UV-induced visible fluorescence (UVIVF) is a very interesting phenomenon, which uses ultraviolet light to induce subjects to fluoresce in the visible light spectrum. UVIVF imaging requires a dark room so that the only light visible is that which comes from the fluorescence of the subject; the UV light also needs to be blocked by the use of an UV/IR cut filter on the camera lens. Continue reading UV-induced visible fluorescence

Helicoid focuser – Nikon G to Micro 4/3

Here I have the Nikon G to Micro 4/3rds helicoid; I also own the Nikon G to NEX helicoid. These allow for direct mounting of Nikon lenses to Micro 4/3rds and NEX; other helicoids require at least another adapter in order to mount Nikon lenses to a mirror less camera. I gather Fotodiox also make a Nikon to mirror less camera helicoid adapter, and I have made enquiries regarding their Nikon-Micro 4/rds helicoid adapter. Continue reading Helicoid focuser – Nikon G to Micro 4/3