3 More Pokemon Go Babies

Having not posted on Pokemon Go for a while, suddenly I am getting a few more new Pokemon Go generation 2 babies hatching from eggs. This is great, as it means that I am nearly complete with my Pokedex for the Pokemon available in the UK. But it also means that Niantic need to get their act together and move forward the release of further Pokemon.

Elekid hatched from 10 km egg
Elekid – evolves into Electabuzz
Smoochum – hatched from 10 km egg
Smoochum – evolves into Jynx
Igglybuff – hatched from 2 km egg
Igglybuff – evolves to Jigglypuff

So that just leaves me with Togetic left to evolve from Togepi – but I still need quite a few more Togepi candy in order to do that.