18th Birthday Party

On Saturday, we went to Banbury to celebrate the 18th birthday of Matthew, one of the teenagers from our church. His parents are well known in our church for cooking excellent food (and excellent birthday cakes), and hence I did have high expectations (which was fully realised) for the food they would be serving for the party.

There were 9 different dishes served, as well as prawn crackers. Below are the photos of the food which I took. There is no need for further words, as the photos will speak for themselves.

Prawn crackers
Roast Salmon with spring onion, ginger, garlic and soya beans
Stir-fry Romaine lettuce with garlic and oyster sauce
Roast duck
Hainanese-style (boiled) Chicken
Stewed Mushroom and spare ribs in soya sauce
Fried ‘long-life’ noodles
Roast pork
Hong Kong style Prawn fruit salad
Hot pot pork crackling and radish

There were three cakes served as there were at least 30 people at the party – so there was plenty of cake to go around.

Oreo Chocolate vanilla cake – made by Matthew’s sister
Strawberry and blueberry pavlova
18th Birthday cake

The meal was excellent – there was plenty of protein (variety of meat and vegetables dishes), some carbohydrate (rice and noodles) and dessert as well (cake which was simply moreish). We all enjoyed the party, and so did Matthew.